Amira Chowyuk

Environmental Stewardship Committee Representative

1st year graduate student , Bioresource Science and Engineering
Virginia Beach, VA

I’ve always been someone that likes to think about problems from an integrated systems approach… investigating how all the parts can best work together to contribute to the whole. I completed my undergraduate degree from NC State in Raleigh, NC with a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I worked 4 years in the power industry before deciding to attend graduate school in the field of Bioresource Science. My hope is to connect my systems background with my passion for the latest renewable energy and fuel technologies. I hope to bring fresh perspectives to the CSF and contribute to the great sustainable work being done on campus. When I’m not working, I enjoy theatre, improv, and catching live music around the city. 

Lauren Drakopulos

GPSS Representative

3rd Year PhD Student , Geography
Sarasota, FL

Hello! I'm a second year PhD student in the Geography ​D​​​​epartment and a Fellow in the Simpson Center's Certificate in Public Scholarship program. My research explores the impacts of the economic crisis on agrarian identity and land use practices in Greece.​ ​I grew up on the beautiful  Florida gulf coast where I did my Master's in Environmental Science in Policy at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. While completing my Master's I worked for Florida Fish and Wildlife in fisheries conservation research. I've also been involved in food justice and sustainable food systems work doing outreach and education for Slow Food, as a community organizer for Real Food Challenge, and most recently as a member of the Advisory Council for Fairtrade America. I'm excited to bring my diverse experiences together in my role as the GPSS Senator representative to the CFS committee this year! In my free time I love to cook, play outside, ​take urban hikes​ to explore the city, sail, fish and kayak.

Maika Bui

ASUW Board of Directors Representative

Junior , Bioresource Science and Engineering
Seattle, WA

I am a third year student in the Bioresource Science and Engineering major. My environmental affair began my junior year of high school when I took AP environmental science. In consequence of taking this revolutionary class, I decided to dedicate my future professional career towards promoting sustainable practices. Specifically, I aspire to pursue research that contributes to shifting the world’s dependency on non-renewable resources to renewable resources. When I’m not on my college grind, I enjoy the fundamental and practical craft of forming clay into functional pieces at my apprenticeship at Brace Point Pottery under Loren Lukens. This is my first year as a committee member for the Campus Sustainability Fund; I look forward to supporting sustainable projects made by UW students, for UW students.

Molly Grear

GPSS Representative

3rd Year PhD Student , Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fayetteville, Arkansas

I'm a PhD student exploring the environmental impacts of installing marine renewable energy. I hope to continue researching ecologically-minded solutions to power our world in my future career. After college, I moved west to join the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Lab, researching tidal, wave, and offshore wind energy production. This cemented my passion for research and I began my PhD at UW in the fall of 2014. In my day to day life, I am passionate about looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. I love that the CSF inspires students to look around and think 'What can I change here?', and 'What can I change now?' I'm inspired by the message that we can make small differences in our campus community. On rainy days, I love knitting and snorkeling in the sound; on the sunny ones, I head to the mountains.

Naveen Sahi

ASUW Senate Representative

Freshmen , Undecided
Kirkland, Wa

Hey! Similar to Maika my passion for the environment really started back in high school due to an AP Environmental Science class, and a very passionate teacher. Thanks to the support of the afore mentioned teacher I was able to participate in and win a few environmental grant competitions therefore, giving me a deep understanding of the time and energy put into project proposals. As the ASUW representative to the CSF I was elected by the ASUW senate to help bring the voice of the students into the CSF. For fun I love to produce and mix music, specifically electronic dance music. The CSF is an amazing organization and I am honored to be a part of this year’s committee and look forward to the year ahead of us.

Sierramatice Karras

ASUW Board of Directors Representative

Sophmore , Human Centered Design and Engineering
Seattle, WA

I am a Sophomore majoring in Human Centered Design and Engineering with a minor in Urban Ecological Design. I grew up in Seattle and spent much of my time in our many parks and camping in the surrounding area with my family. I love exploring, sketching and gardening. Having participated in multiple green building design challenges around Seattle and I hope to bring everything that I learned to the Campus Sustainability Fund. This is my second year on the CSF committee and I am excited to continue to work to help make the UW a more ecologically friendly place!