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Executive Summary

Students on the University of Washington campus lack awareness and exposure to solar energy and therefore lack in energy consumption mindfulness. They walk into libraries and buildings on campus and plug in to charge phones and laptops at all hours of the day, but rarely do they stop to consider the source of the energy they are benefiting from. Solar charging tables on campus will allow for hands on experience interacting with energy alternatives. The tables are visible and located centrally on campus; in front of the Husky Union Building (HUB). Our hope is that this one table will act as a pilot test, and will pave the way for increased excitement towards solar energy and its many applications, including installation of more solar charging tables throughout our diverse campus. Students across campus will be able to interact and benefit directly from the charging capabilities of the table and its longevity will ensure that students will have access to the table for over 25 years.

Primary Contact:
Mac Robinson