Celebrating Diversity in Sustainable Food Systems
Wednesday, September 18, 2019

In partnership with the Student Food Cooperative (SFC) and many other student groups, the CSF is excited to announce our Fall event: "Celebrating Diversity in Sustainable Food Systems." Both the SFC and the CSF are committed to working toward intersectional sustainability here on campus, which will be reflected in this event. This is intended to be a welcoming and empowering space where diversity is valued and represented through many different cuisines with food sourced from local farms. 

Join us Friday, October 11th from 4-7pm at the HUB lawn for great food, music, and opportunities to engage with us! This is a celebration of inclusivity within sustainability at the University of Washington.

If you and or your organization would like to get involved, contact the CSF Outreach Coordinator Fotima Ibrokhim here and sign up here to volunteer on the day of the event! 

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For more on the term "Intersectionality" see this article featuring Kimberlé Crenshaw by the Columbia Law School. For more on the link between social justice and sustainability, check out this great podcast here.