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Executive Summary

It's common knowledge that the human species must halve its carbon emissions by 2030 and arrive at net-zero by 2050 to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Very few institutions are doing enough to make that happen, and the University of Washington is not one of them. Out of the shared desire to pushing for our institutions to take action to meet the climate crisis at the scale it requires, students, staff, and faculty from across UW campuses and regional colleges formed Institutional Climate Action (ICA) in October 2019. We collectively promote climate and sustainability-related action through coordinated and collective grassroots organizing. We push our public institutions to model the sustainable and just transition that is required for society to confront the climate crisis. At the same time, we engage our UW community into opportunities for learning about how they can get involved with change-making in their personal and professional lives. Institutional change starts at a grassroots level, and it starts with people coming together. Gathering together leads to collective inspiration. To engage the UW community into transformative action, we planned a Climate Justice Symposium on May 22nd in Red Square, where everyone would be invited. However, because of covid-19, the world is a different place than when the event was planned. Just like we expect our institutions to do for climate change, ICA is adapting to this challenge! The web-based symposium will feature a keynote speaker, workshops, and opportunities for networking and connecting through breakout groups and DIY art builds. This will also be a garden bed for connecting climate justice-focused and/or frontline community-led organizations on UW campus. Every attendee will walk away with increased knowledge, motivated for collective action, and committed to attending at least one meeting with an organization they encountered during the symposium. This is the time for creativity, innovation, and connecting across challenges. We can't wait to rise together.

Primary Contact:
Anna Humphreys