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 Active: Planning phase

Executive Summary

One of the primary goals of the PSA is to outreach to high school Polynesian students in the surrounding areas. To encourage and motivate high school students to pursue higher education, we host an annual event, Polynesian Day or "Poly Day", where we are able to demonstrate representation in higher institutes with the hopes of showing students that they can also achieve the same thing and more. Currently, we have reserved many of the necessary rooms needed to hold workshops that the high school students will go through, where they will learn about many different topics relating to the Pacific Islander community, including a college readiness section. On the day of Poly Day, students will come to our all-day campus event and start off with breakfast and the workshops, and then will be able to attend the cultural performances held on the HUB Lawn at the end of the day, where the rest of the UW community will also be able to enjoy. Poly Day is a way for the PSA to carry out its mission to outreach and increase Pacific Islander representation in higher education through student involvement, leadership, and mentorship.


Instagram: @psa_uw; Facebook: UW Polynesian Student Alliance; Twitter: @polynzn

Primary Contact:
Eseta (Seka) Galea'i