UW group encourages restoration projects on campus

You may not have noticed, but as you walk around the UW campus more of those plants and flowers at your feet are species native to Puget Sound.

That’s because UW’s Society for Ecology Restoration student guild (SER-UW) native plant nursery has been working to restore areas on campus by increasing native species biodiversity and creating open spaces for students to engage with the natural world just steps from their residence halls. 

We're Hiring!

The CSF is seeking a new Outreach Coordinator for the 2015-2016 academic year! The Outreach Coordinator plays a key role in raising the profile of the CSF within the UW campus community. The Outreach Coordinator will gain hands on experience in networking, communications, marketing, development of educational materials, and small project development and management. Check out the complete job description here.

June 2015 Newsletter

It was a very busy and highly productive month at the CSF! Our newest projects are making strides and changes are already starting to take shape. This will be the last newsletter for this school year, but no fear - you will still be receiving at least 1 newsletter update this summer because sustainability never stops! The 2014-2015 academic year has been a very exciting year for the CSF, and we hope to continue with that momentum. Thank you to all the students, staff, faculty, and departments for supporting and working together with us for the past year.

Behind the scenes of More Hall's soon-to-be rainwater catchment system

Earlier this year, the CSF awarded a grand total of $105,367 to 6 projects in the first round of funding for 2015. One of the projects proposed innovative adjustments that would optimize the use of a gift Mother Nature likes to shower upon Seattle: rainwater. 

CSF spoke to Amy Kim, Assistant Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Heta Kosonen, a PhD student in Construction Engineering, about their proposed sustainable rainwater system in the Construction Materials Laboratory (CML) in More Hall.

[Event] UW Resilience Summit

ReThink and UW EcoReps present: the UW Resilience Summit. The UW Resilience Summit will be an enlightening and inspiring event for people with all levels of sustainability knowledge, and will provide the opportunity to learn about new advances in sustainability and the complex issue of climate change, as well as network with local business leaders and environmental advocates.

When and where: 
Tuesday May 19th, 2015 from 4pm - 7:30 pm at the new UW Intellectual House