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Letter of Intent: 

Since 2001, Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) has brought this dynamic of culture to the University of Washington campus, and it has quickly became an annual Seattle tradition. This year the 16th annual Night Market will be held on the evening of Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the University of Washington’s Red Square. Our goal is to bring people together in celebrating and appreciating Taiwanese culture. The event will include many vendors selling various Taiwanese foods, on-stage performances, as well as cultural activities. The Night Market attracts not only the UW students but the whole Washington community. Last year, over 6,500 people attended our event, and this year we hope to reach at least 7,000 people attending and to recreate the popular tourist event – Night Market.


Last year was the first year where we implemented a recycling program to help reduce waste. Beginning with pre-event planning,  day-of-event execution, to post-event evaluation, we hope the program can take our event beyond just recycling to hosting an environmentally friendly and sustainable event. With the funding we received from CSF last year, we were able to recruit more volunteers and were able to better educate our vendors and audiences. This year, we hope to further develop a well-planned recycling program to increase community awareness on maintaining a sustainable environment.  In order to successfully plan a recycling program, we not only need staffs but also financial support. The fund we request from CSF will cover the cost for ordering garbage/recycling bins, composting station, as well as any promotional/educational materials and staffs. The fund will  mainly be focusing on educating audiences of recycling and waste options during Night Market.

Here's three main approaches for education and informing:
1) Include recycle and waste categories in event brochure.
2) Label recycling and garbage receptacles with clear, large signs and instructions
3) A big map of the event lay-out that indicates location of composting station.

The second expanse will be spent on personnel:

1) Approach recycling team on campus --> provide them free food vouchers in compensate of their work and dedication. Cost of food will be covered by the fund.

2) Recruit volunteers for supervising. Volunteers will receive free Night Market T-shirts, where the fund will cover partial expanse of T-shirts.


One month prior to the event, Recycle coordinators will start recruiting volunteers. After the recruitment, we will organize information session  to inform volunteer their responsibilities on the day of event. The recycling coordinator will also work with vendors before and during the event. He/She will make initial contact with food vendors few months before the event to introduce the idea of recycling, and further ask for their cooperation on the day of event.

On the day of the event, there will be a central collection area for garbage and recycling where drop boxes or dumpsters are staged. Also, hand trucks, carts will be used to transport material from the recycling stations to the central collection area. After the event, materials will continued to be generated. Officers and volunteers will assist vendors with tearing down signs and confirming final sorting, and pick-up garbage and recycling.


Below is the budget breakdown for the program:

Recycling garbage service 292.50

Red square cleaning 415.91

Volunteer T-shirts 10*15 volenteers = 150

Vouchers for volunteers 10*15 volenteers = 150

Total Cost: 1008.41


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Emily Wan
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