Letter of Intent
Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: 
Letter of Intent: 

Black Student Union’s 7th Annual Legacy Soiree

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: Max $1,000

Project Summary:

The primary purpose of The Legacy Soiree is to fundraise for our endowment fund, providing scholarships for underrepresented student at UW. This year's soiree, held in the Intellectual House, will involve a night of live music, musical performances from a prominent Seattle artist as well as dance performances including a stroll/step show from Black Greek organizations on campus. We will also honor/recognize exemplary Undergraduate,graduate, faculty and community member for their activism and contributions to the black community. Our program will also feature a keynote speaker that embodies our theme of "Envisioning Black History; Black and the Future". BSU will also be continuing their tradition of recognizing ten exemplary high school students with our Talented Ten Awards, in the hopes of inspiring them to attend the University of Washington. We will include a a catered dinner for our attendees. We hope to attract undergraduate, graduate, faculty and community members from the greater Seattle area to join us in recognizing and promoting black excellence both inside and outside of the classroom.

Estimated Project Budget: $9957.54 (See next page for budget breakdown)

Environmental/Sustainable Impact:

Our event primarily seeks to improve social sustainability of the UW campus as well as the greater Seattle area. We aim to do this through recognition of the achievements and contribution of underrepresented student and minority Community members in an effort to promote activism and community engagement. To improve environmental sustainability this event support environmental education and awareness of environmental racism and justice as minority communities are disproportionately affected by pollution, toxic waste, carbon emissions and other adverse environmental conditions. By building up communities most affected this we can work to inspire young leaders and intellectuals to study and work to improving living systems in those communities.

Student Leadership & Involvement:

This event is a student initiated and student led project. Our advisers, Tiana Brawly of the ECC and Brian Tracy, provide guidance and support throughout this process. We, the executive board of the Black Student Union, consisting of ten undergraduate students, are in the process of planning and executing this event.

Our roles and duties include:

  • President/Program Coordinator - Salem Abraha
  • Treasurer/Budget Specialist/Fiscal Advisor - Safiya Bansfield
  • VP of Campus Affairs - Terrence Jones
  • VP of Community Affairs - Abigail Yemane
  • VP of Communications - Trisha Beavers
  • Secretary/Special Consultant - Sara Bekele
  • Chair of Outreach and Recruitment - Ebsitu Hassen
  • Senator - Sahra Ibrahim
  • SAB Representative - Tyler Valentine
  • Webmaster/Historian - Hassan Abdi

Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change:

As mentioned above, a key part of our event is dedicated to recognizing the academic achievements of ten young minority high school students in the greater Seattle area in our Talented Ten ceremony. We spend months reaching out to high school to counselors and principals to recommend to us their stand out students. Once we have chosen these ten students, on the day of our soiree we give the students a tour the UW Seattle campus and share with them what it is like attending this university. These efforts are all in hopes of inspiring these young talented student to attend UW.

Feasibility, Accountability, & Sustainability:

The Black Student Union has successfully hosted this event in the past. This year will be our 7th annual Legacy Soiree. Our advisers, Tiana Brawly, staff member of the ECC and Brian Tracy, a UW Alumni, provide guidance, support, and mentorship throughout this process. Jon Solomon is our SAO adviser. We will also be consulting previous BSU executive board members. This executive board has successfully planned and hosted an Art Showcase last October and we plan to use the skills we have learned in the process to this project.

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Event Budget Planning Worksheet  
Item Total Cost Requested Funds Source
Venue $910.00 $910.00 ECC SDEF Co-Sponsorship
Honoraria $637.00 $637.00 Alumni Association + ASUW Special Appropriations (137)
Band $750 $750 GPSS Special Allocations
Keynote $3,000 $3,000 Wells Fargo + ASUW Special Appropriations(1000) + CSF Mini Grant
Decorations $200.00 $200.00 GPSS Diversity
Programs $200 $90 ECC SDEF Co-Sponsorship
Photographer $0    
Performer $600.00 $600.00 GPSS DIversity + BSC
Program Total $4,750 $4,640  
Dinnerware/Table Cloth $363 $363 ASUW Special Appropriations
Dessert $300    
Catering $2,998    
Food Total $3,661 $363  
TOTALS $9,957.54 $6,550.00  
Contact Information
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Safiya Bansfield
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