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Letter of Intent: 

Jan 5th, 2019

Justin Ho (justin.ho97@outlook.com)

Summary of Project Proposal:

There are three things TSA would like to accomplish with the funding. First, stop selling bottled water by selling reusable stainless steel or plastic bottles while providing water refill stations. Second, work with vendors to reduce non-recyclable or non-compostable cutlery and plates. Third, educate attendees about the importance of composting through signs and word of mouth.

Sustainable Impact:

The impact the funding will have is two pronged. Night Market inherently is a cultural event and is dedicated to providing an authentic Taiwanese Night Market experience. People from all walks of life are encouraged to attend Night Market and enjoy the good food and games provided. The funding will help to provide a greener Night Market through lasting change to the structure of the event.

The impact is also environmental. Through the first two goals listed in the summary TSA is attempting to create as plastic free of a night market as possible. Reducing or eliminating plastic waste generated by vendors as well as our own bottled water sales will go a long way as the event hosts approximately 9,000 people. Bottled water is also extremely harmful containing toxins while not proving higher quality to treated tap water. Furthermore, bottled water is often unsustainably manufactured through draining of rivers and lakes. These two changes will eliminate over 95% of plastic waste generated by Night Market. The last change of creating signs to place above compost bins will educate people about the importance of composting, and the benefit of backyard composting. Our volunteers and officers will also be well educated about the topic and be able to talk to attendees about the subject.

Leadership & Student Involvement:

TSA is a registered student organization. All sustainability efforts will be led and accomplished through students and volunteers. TSA and its member students will be the backbone of the event and incorporate the outlined sustainability efforts. Students plan and lead the entirety of the event.

Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change:

TSA will have created an educational element for the attendees through signs and other forms of advertisement conveying what is and isn’t compostable. As well as explaining the advantages of re-using sustainable water bottles over purchasing bottled water. The benefits of backyard compost will be advertised as well.

There is further outreach due to the use of volunteers to supplement our officers. Those volunteers will have participated in Night Market receiving the same exposure to sustainability efforts. All in all, there will be change in the sustainability behaviors of our own officers, the volunteers, and all attendees. Through word of mouth we then hope to reach even more.

Feasibility, Accountability, & Sustainability:

TSA has held an annual Night Market since 2001. This will be the 18th Night Market. In the previous 17 there has been constant improvement and change applied to the Night Market. Each time the officers have been able to adapt to change and pull through. We expect this year to be no different save a few changes to sustainability efforts. TSA has the ability to create a successful event made even greener. Our RSO advisor, Christina Coop, can attest to this. Any potentially awarded money will be used responsibly will a high chance of successful implementation. The future impact will be carried through to all future Night markets and have a lasting influence.

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Justin Ho
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