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Letter of Intent: 

About us:

The UW Food Systems Coalition RSO strives to 1) improve knowledge of local food systems, including topics on policy, equity, and labor, amongst UW students, and to 2) actively participate in food systems policy advocacy and local events. We envision a just and equitable food system that sustains and replenishes the vitality of our natural environment and all its inhabitants.

The Food Systems Coalition seeks to foster health, equity, and community through: 

  • Facilitation of interdisciplinary and community relationships
  • Education about food systems
  • Recognition that food workers are the foundation of our food system
  • Advocacy for a just, equitable and sustainable food systems policy change across all levels

Project Proposal:

In-line with our mission to increase UW community awareness of local and national food systems topics and issues, we are planning a documentary screening for spring quarter. We plan to host this event in the UW Ethnic Cultural Center.

The documentary will pertain to a particular food system topic. We would like to show the PBS documentary, Dolores, which is about Dolores Huerta, a civil rights activist and the co-founder, along with Cesar Chavez, of the National Farmworkers Association (now United Farm Workers). By sharing this documentary with the UW community, we hope to raise awareness of our national food system’s dependence on the labor of farm workers, and the importance of fighting for farm workers’ rights. We envision screening this documentary in spring quarter around Cesar Chavez Day in order to highlight women who have been critical in pushing the farm workers’ rights movement forward, yet who often are left out of mainstream history.

In addition to the documentary screening, we hope to host a speaker who can talk about where the farmworker movement is today, and what it looks like in Washington.

CSF Funding Criteria:

This project meets CSF funding criteria in the following ways:

  1. Sustainable Impact: This project meets the criteria of raising awareness of an equity issue, contributing to the goal of increasing social sustainability. The project also is about agricultural sustainability, as farm workers are the backbone of our nation’s food system.
  2. Leadership and Student Involvement: This project is entirely planned and executed by the students in the RSO, Food System Coalition.
  3. Education, Outreach, and Behavior Change: The purpose of the screening is to educate the greater UW community about this important topic. The event will be advertised to students campus-wide.
  4. Feasibility and Accountability: We already have the Ethnic Cultural Center theater booked for 4/3 from 3:15-8pm (includes set-up and clean-up time). We need to pay them by 2 weeks before the event (3/20). We are asking for $1000, which will cover the room rental fee, a speaker honorarium, documentary screening rights fees, and advertising. Equipment fees for screening the documentary is included in the room rental fees.


    • Ethnic Cultural Center
      • $23/hr +$25 cleaning and maintenance fee +$76 technician fee (RSO discount)
        • Total: $286.25
    • Dolores Documentary Screening Rights through PBS:
      • $275.25
    • Marketing:
      • $100
    • Speaker Honorarium:
      • $300
    • Total: $961.50 (requesting $1,000)


  • We have reserved the Ethnic Cultural Center theater already for 4/3. We will finalize the speaker and finish preparations by 3/2.
  • Pending CSF mini grant funds, we hope to advertise during weeks 9 and 10 of this quarter (3/2-3/13), as well as send email advertisements during this time and over spring break. We also will advertise the first week of spring quarter, as the event is the Friday of that week.
  • Event Date: 4/3 3:15-8pm (includes set up and clean up time)
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Kelly Wolffe
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