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Large, >$1,000
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Letter of Intent: 

This project is being run by the Husky Neighborhood Assistants, an organization run out of the University of Washington’s Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards that works with students to work on issues in the greater University District Community. The tree project is meant to beautify the neighborhood, improve the canopy habitat, improve water drainage in the planter strips, and to provide students both as residents at planting sites and as volunteers at the planting event an opportunity to connect with nature in the urban environment.

Trees are going to be purchased from NurseryTrees in Monroe, which is generously offering us discounts and free delivery. The trees will be bagged in burlap bags, and the Snowbells will be roughly 5 feet tall upon planting and the Jacquemontii Birch will be roughly 7 feet tall. The planting is set to take place on April 23rd bringing together residents and student volunteers to plant and stake the trees. Husky neighborhood assistants will also be providing tree gator bags and instructing residents on watering the trees with the bags.

The trees will be purchased from NurseryTrees, a family tree farm in Monroe Washington. The hammers, shovels, stakes, chainlock, and nails will all be purchased from the Home Depot, and the Gator Bags will be ordered from amleo.com, a garden supplier recommended to me by the city of Seattle.

The shovels and any other leftover materials will be donated to the UW farm, which should be timely if they are planning an expansion. Also, 2 extra gator bags will be retained in case bags are damaged or removed in their first year considering that the trees are being planted in a very public space that has a history with tree damage.

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Kyle Murphy
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$1 477
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ItemCost per ItemQuantityTotal Cost
Japanese Snowbell906540
Jacquemontii Birch804320
Gator Bag21.9912263.80
Sales Tax9.5% of total1128.12
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Living Systems and Biodiversity
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An Huynh
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