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The RepairCycle is a mobile, on-the-spot garment mending service and experience that brings the UW (and Seattle) community together around the universal aspect of clothing--offering a functional service while creating connection and dialogue through a shared activity. By empowering creative and easy-to-learn mending skills, we are working to transform our local community's relationship with clothing. Ultimately, we believe that garment repair is not just a viable option, but should a delightfully designed experience.

Circular Textiles: There is no straightforward way to recycle textiles. The result is one garbage truck of textiles wasted every second, or 92 million tons of solid waste dumped into landfills every year. Disrupting this wasteful cycle and a disposable mindset means taking a long, hard look at the psychology of fashion. Simply put, we need to invest in services and skills that empower us to wear and enjoy the clothing we already own for longer. Which inevitably means, catalyzing a culture of garment repair.

Transforming Trailer: The RepairCycle bicycle trailer is the foundation for service and events. The cart's interior is a simple box with a sturdy floor that can fit a variety of configured elements. The trailer's top unfolds to provide ample, collaborative mending and learning space. The hinged cabinet on the back of the of the trailer detaches, offering room to display educational and event materials, as well as easy-to-access materials storage.

Upcoming Events: Generous support from the UW Resilience Lab Seed Fund will sponsor our 2019-2020 RepairCycle tour and brand. The team will host repair services & creative mending workshops at events across all three UW campuses, the 2019 Seattle Design Festival, and King County sustainability events.

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Coreen Callister
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