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Letter of Intent


Plant Potting & Pizza Night


100% Renewable Energy Campaign

This project is meant to increase awareness of the 100% Renewable Energy Campaign through a fun event that will encourage students to engage in student activism. In this workshop, we will be providing small succulents, soil, and a pot that students can decorate. While students socialize and learn more about caring for their succulent, they will be creating something that they can share on social media or with their friends, increasing interest in renewable energy far beyond the night. The event will also include a workshop where we will talk about WashPIRG, the campaign, and the importance of renewable energy. In the workshop, leaders of the campaign will briefly talk about our goals and why renewable energy is important, and then ask prepared questions to open the topic for everyone to discuss. We may also show the “Buildings of the Future: Net Zero Energy” TEDxCSUSM video, to further educate students about why buildings with 100% renewable energy are the future.

Furthermore, studies have proven that having plants in the home can increase concentration and productivity, as well as reduce stress levels. Plants also reduce carbon dioxide and freshen up whatever space they are in. Having this event so close to finals week will be a great way to give back to the community while educating students about renewable energy, as well as providing students with a path towards making a difference and being more involved. This workshop is meant to start a dialogue about renewable energy on campus, as well as educate our peers about how we take action to create a more sustainable future.

1. Environmental Impact

The workshop will nurture a more sustainable campus by providing students with plants which help the environment and also create a path towards thinking about our impact on the planet in our daily lives. We are also being considerate to use compostable items where possible, as well as reuse any products we obtain, such as paint and soil. Educating our peers about renewable energy also begins a discussion about our own individual impact on the environment, as well as what we can do as students to urge others to make sustainable changes.

2. Student Leadership and Involvement

This project is entirely planned and executed by student volunteers, both within WashPIRG’s 100% Renewable Energy campaign as well as other students who express interest in volunteering. Participating in the project will provide students with event planning skills, as well as the skills needed to communicate environmentalism clearly, confidently, and respectfully to others.

3. Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change

This project is aimed at encouraging students to become more aware of issues of sustainability and renewable energy in their daily lives. We hope that this interactive, environmentally friendly activity coupled with discussion as well as education about our cause will attract students who may not already be involved in environmental issues. After this event, we hope that these students will continue exploring sustainability through joining WashPIRG or another environmental RSO.

4. Feasibility, Accountability, & Sustainability

All products needed have already been thoroughly researched for the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly options. Students across the campus community have expressed interest in the event and WashPIRG has the skills and resources to make it successful. While I do not think that time will be our enemy for this project, WashPIRG has put together successful events in a time crunch in the past. The Renewable Energy Rally held this year was planned in a short span and had over 60 attendees, it was also covered on two local news outlets as well as The Daily. For a full list of events organized by WashPIRG, refer here: http://uwashpirg.weebly.com/events.html. We have a dedicated team of students working on this project and have obtained permission to pull it off. Furthermore, the campaign has received guidance by Sean Schmidt, Sustainability Specialist at UW Sustainability, as well as WashPIRG’s full-time Campus Organizer, William Lehrer, whom our organization funds to support us.


April 25

  • Second meeting with volunteers finalizing event plan and details
  • Research all supplies needed for the event
  • Begin reaching out to other students about the event

April 26

  • Reserve room in the HUB

April 27

  • Turn in CSF Application
  • Create Facebook page for event
  • Begin inviting students to event
  • Begin rough draft for conversation topics during workshop

May 1

  • Purchase supplies for event

May 2

  • Campaign Meeting
    • Sign up volunteers for event/workshop
    • Brainstorm and compile materials for workshop
    • Share facebook event
    • Sign up volunteers to make and post posters around campus

May 10

  • Campaign Meeting
    • Begin making and putting up posters around campus
    • Finalize conversation topics during workshop

May 18

  • “Plants and Pizza with WashPIRG 100% Sustainability Campaign” event in HUB 337 from 5:30-6:30 pm


  • Room booking
    • $12.50 + $22.00 for a custom set
    • $23.00 required cleaning fee for food
    • Total: $57.50
  • Materials for pots
    • Mini Terra Cotta Pots (4 dozen) - $30
    • Paint (10 pc.) - $25.00
    • Paint Palettes (2 dozen) - $10.00
    • Stickers (1 roll) - $3.00
    • Self-Adhesive Daisy Decorations (36 pieces) - $5.00
    • Total: $73.00
  • Plant Materials
    • Succulent Cuttings (40 pieces) - $60
    • Soil Mix - $10.00
    • Total: $70
  • Food (cannot be funded by CSF, funded through donations)
    • Pagliacci donation
  • GRAND TOTAL: $200.50 rounded up to $210
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Bernadette Bresee
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