Section 2.1 – Duties of the Core CSF Staff: Program Director, Associate Program Director, Outreach and Education Coordinator, Grant and Project Coordinator, and Creative Assistant 

One 0.80 FTE Professional Staff CSF Program Director  & 0.5 FTE Graduate Staff Assistant (GSA) CSF Associate Program Director will manage the operations of the CSF. Note: the GSA student is eligible to work at a quantity exceeding 0.5FTE if they prompt the request, it is deemed necessary for program operations, and is in accordance with the UAW4121 contract & bylaws. The CSF Program Director exists to ensure the prudent management of the monies allocated by the SAF & STF  Committee. The CSF Associate Program Director exists to meet the needs of the CSF and Committee. The CSF Program Director reports to the UW Sustainability, but will also take substantial direction from the Committee. The CSF Associate Program Director reports to the CSF Program Director. 

The general function of the CSF Program Director is to:

  • Provide financial management and oversight for all SAF & STF funds

  • Liaise with departmental fiscal administrators to ensure additional oversight, reconciliation, and prudence in CSF’s accounting and fiscal processes.

  • Create fiscal projections for use in CSF’s reporting documents and yearly requests for funding to the SAF & STF.

  • In coordination with the CSF Committee, create fiscal strategy to ensure CSF operations remain resilient, well-resourced, and as effective as possible. 

  • Create financial transparency by managing and updating CSF’s exhaustive Tableau Visual Dashboard.

  • Advise on CSF fiscal policy and procedures — act as primarily liaison with the Office of Planning and Budgeting Fiscal Policy Staff. 

  • Provide report outs for CSF Associate Program Director and Committee on financial status, projections, and strategy. 

  • Set HR policies and assist in HR-related tasks and organizational needs — serve as primary liaison with department HR staff. 

  • Create an inclusive and respectful work environment for all employees, committee members, and volunteers.

  • Lead ‘business’ process management to ensure process efficiency, coordination, and effective engagement amongst stakeholders.

  • Guide the implementation of the CSF’s 5-year strategic plan (2020-2025).

  • As the CSF’s ‘Professional Staff,’ provide institutional knowledge, foster long-term relationships with campus partners, and ensure continuity and evolution of CSF.

  • Advise and assist on development and enactment of MOU’s and multi-stakeholder agreements for CSF’s most complex and highest-investment projects. 

  • Ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are upheld in all aspects of the organization including bylaws, hiring, outreach, partnerships, etc.

  • Maintain strong relationships with UW diversity leaders and external organizations that work to support diverse and underrepresented groups on campus.

  • Incorporate wide-ranging theoretical knowledge on sustainability and sustainability. management into CSF operations and programming to ensure CSF is a global leader in campus sustainability fund programming. 

The general function of the CSF Associate Program Director is to:

  • Act as the main point of contact for CSF. Delegate tasks, follow-ups, e-mails, and needed actions to appropriate CSF team members based on their roles and responsibilities. 

  • Work in collaboration with the UW Sustainability Office to advance shared goals.

  • Help to advance Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) targets and advise on future revisions of the SAP

  • Supervise and provide guidance to 3 part time student staff [Outreach, Project Development, and Creative Assistant]. Work with staff to set priorities that are adaptive to internal need and external opportunity. Provide guidance in developing work plans and delegate tasks as necessary.

  • Recruit, support & help to organize (in coordination with Committee Chair) the CSF Committee [ASUW Senate, ASUW Representative, GPSS, Environmental Stewardship Committee, OM&D, Intellectual House] that meets weekly each academic year — provide activities and professional development opportunities for subcommittees in coordination with Committee Chair.

  • Help to improve process efficiency to increase transparency and reduce barriers for project team members. 

  • Periodically review CSF bylaws, project criteria, project application, and other guiding documents and inform CSF Chair/Committee on potential updates. 

  • Guide the development of annual SAF Orientation & Budget Document [~25 pages total] for yearly funding request [>$500,000 yearly] and ensure strong relationships and accountability to funding bodies with regular meetings and presenting to / updating their Committees on a quarterly basis.

  • Assist in development and implementation of UW Sustainability HUB — a physical space for transdisciplinary and student-focused sustainability activities on campus. Serve as in-person resource & ‘supervisor’ if/when HUB is instituted. 

  • Maintain a network of key stakeholders and relay information on new projects, existing project status, and needs.

  • Support student engagement with the fund by helping with team formation — connecting students with appropriate faculty and staff, student organizations, classes, etc.

  • Provide support for existing project teams in navigating challenges and ensuring ongoing sustainability — assist Grant and Project Coordinator in managing Project Status Report Form process and actively track and respond to project needs based on reports.

  • Assist Outreach and Education Coordinator in managing logistics for quarterly events. 

There will be one 0.5 FTE undergraduate Outreach and Education Coordinator. The Outreach and Education Coordinator exists to engage students in CSF, and to build the capacity of the student body to take part in CSF projects. This position reports to the CSF Associate Program Director or other appropriate UW Sustainability staff member. 

The general function of the Outreach and Education Coordinator is to:

  • Perform outreach to students and registered student organizations (RSOs); 

  • Update and maintain the CSF website;

  • Provide technical assistance to students proposing projects;

  • Meet with students by appointment or during publicly scheduled drop-in hours to support students proposing projects;

  • Provide general support to the Committee and the CSF Associate Program Director;

  • Assist the CSF Associate Program Director with the Bi-Annual Report (see Section 5.1);

  • Assist the CSF Associate Program Director with the annual SAF reapplication process.

There will be one 0.5 FTE undergraduate Grant and Project Coordinator. The Grant and Project Coordinator exists to engage students in the CSF, and to build the capacity of the student body to take part in CSF projects. This position reports to the CSF Associate Program Director or other appropriate UW Sustainability staff member. 

The general function of the Grant and Project Coordinator is to:

  • Assist in the solicitation and vetting of project proposals from UW students, faculty and staff. 

  • Carry out idea consultation meetings pre-application to help evolve and guide LOI submissions. 

  • Help projects obtain required approvals, connect to resources, and improve viability of successful implementation. 

  • Carryout meetings post approval to advise projects on next steps for project implementation and outreach strategy. 

  • Serve as point-of-contact for proposal related questions. 

  • Collect quarterly project reports from active CSF projects, advise CSF Team on follow-ups based on report details.

  • Meet with University stakeholders, build internal/external partnerships. 

  • Assist CSF Associate Program Director with various administrative tasks. 

  • Carry through on strategic initiatives autonomously and as assigned by Coordinator.

There will be one 0.35 FTE undergraduate Creative Assistant. This position reports to the CSF Associate Program Director. 

  • The general function of the Creative Assistant is to:

  • Graphically promote Funding Cycle deadlines.

  • Create and design materials for tabling.

  • Create visuals for social media content.

  • Create CSF Infographics that visually display key metrics / data.

  • Consult with CSF Staff and Committee Members for strategic prioritization of future creative undertakings.

  • Produce complete deliverable(s) in both physical and digital forms. 

Section 2.2 – Hiring the CSF Program Director, Associate Program Director, Grant and Project Coordinator, Outreach and Education Coordinator, and Creative Assistant 

The CSF positions (staff and students) will be hired via open recruitment by the CSF in collaboration with the UW Sustainability Office and the CSF Committee. Candidates must understand and agree to comply with all of the CSF bylaws and supporting documents. The Committee will appoint at least one of its members to the hiring team of each position. The hiring process will utilize the latest version of the UWS equitable hiring toolkit. 

Section 2.3 - CSF Intern Hiring and Management

The CSF Program Director and Associate Program Director are able to appoint interns to specific projects as needed.  Interns are primarily volunteer positions, though paid positions may be created using CSF reserve funds.  Interns can be appointed through an open hire and interview process, or through informal discussions between CSF staff and a party interested in a specific project or position. Committee members cannot take paid or unpaid intern positions.


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