Section 5.1 – Accountability to the Student Body
The CSF shall be accountable to the student body to the greatest extent possible, and therefore shall:

  • Make its records available to the public, including project funding decisions;

  • Utilize creative mechanisms to engage the larger student body in setting funding priorities; and

  • Publicly post the end product of the Biennial Evaluation Process.

Section 5.2 – Accountability of Projects
The coordinator will keep the Committee updated on the status of the Fund’s active projects. If a project is deemed by the Committee to not be making satisfactory progress based on the project timeline, the Committee can determine a course of action on a case by case basis. Project close-out reporting must include a budget detailing the spending of all funds and the amount of student involvement. Upon review of the report, the CSF Coordinator shall judge whether the funds were spent within the scope of the project. If the CSF Coordinator feels the funds were spent outside of the project scope, the CSF Coordinator may recommend that the Committee require return of the funds.

The Committee reserves the right to re-evaluate projects and retract funding if satisfactory progress is not made based on the project timeline, or if projects undergo significant changes in scope. Funding may be retracted upon  deliberation and vote  by the Committee.

Section 5.3 – Records and Reports
The CSF must keep:

  • Minutes of all Committee meetings indicating their time and place, the names of those present, and the proceedings thereof;

  • Adequate and correct books and records of CSF accounts;

  • Record of projects selected each year and the funds allocated to each;

  • Reports made back to the CSF on completed projects and all annual reports received from projects with ongoing benefits; and

  • Copies of all biennial reports issued  by the CSF.

Section 5.4 – Biennial Evaluation 
The Committee and Coordinators are responsible for a comprehensive Biennial Evaluation Process to review the performance, structure, and goals of the Fund. This may suggest an amendment to these bylaws, or a major change to the structure of the Fund (See Article 7 for the process to change these bylaws). To the extent possible, this evaluation will be completed before reapplication to the SAF Committee, and its recommendations will be incorporated into the SAF request. The Committee is responsible for formulating the line-item budget allocations for the following year under the new SAF allocations, and developing a Memorandum of Understanding with UW Sustainability.

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