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Executive Summary

Our goal is to give high-school students a chance to experience the engineering process and learn about renewable energy. We want to encourage them to explore engineering and sustainability, especially as a possible major and career. Furthermore, to promote equal access and opportunity to the engineering field, we want to especially target students from lower socioeconomic areas like South King County. We plan on accomplishing our goal by creating Intro to Engineering Kits and accompanying educational materials (we expect to finish the design, put together the kits, and deliver them by Fall 2021). The kits will have materials & basic instructions to build a working mini wind turbine that harnesses the wind and converts it to electricity. The kits are created in a way that allows students to design, manufacture, test, and iterate on their mini-wind turbines. We will also deliver a set of educational materials about the various engineering disciplines, careers, and about the importance of sustainability and renewable energy.

Primary Contact:
Alex Amimoto