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Executive Summary

Eat Local is an outdoor food fair, featuring 5 to 10 small and minority-owned restaurants from the Greater Seattle area. To successfully promote our event throughout campus, we hired a student designer to design an aesthetic infographic that represented and emphasized the purpose of our event and used it on flyers, Instagram, and banners. Additionally, we created a pamphlet that included brief information about each of the vendors and their contact information, in hopes of producing an appealing brand image to students and attracting potential customers. In guidance of the current food protocols and guidelines, we rented multiple trash bins to maintain a clean, sanitary environment throughout the duration of the event. During the event, each vendor set up their respective food truck on the HUB lawn and had an opportunity to not only sell their products to the students but also build a relationship with them. In doing so, the vendors were able to make an impactful, palpable presence on campus. To support them, we played music in hopes of attracting greater foot traffic and informed students to spread awareness of and understand the importance of supplier diversity in the economy and community. Our aim was that, at the conclusion of the event, the majority of students would be more inclined to advocate and support minority-owned businesses.

Primary Contact:
Michael Kelleher