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Executive Summary

ISAUW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural organization dedicated to promoting the diverse Indonesian culture to the communities in the Greater Seattle area. ISAUW’s vision is to become the leading Indonesian Student Association in the United States. We aim to achieve this by building a respectful, well-rounded, diverse, yet nationalistic young Indonesian community in the Greater Seattle Area and in the United States. Established for over ten years, ISAUW would like to carry on and improve the legacy of our previous years and hold the most successful Keraton Indonesian Festival to date. Our team consists of 42 members, and we have three divisions - the Operations team, the Communication and Outreach team and the Finance team. Each division plays a unique role, but we all work together to ensure that Keraton will continue to uphold our goals of sharing Indonesian culture, spreading environmental awareness of Indonesia to our community and to make a greater sustainable impact than we have ever done before.

As the largest Indonesian cultural event on the West Coast and second largest in the United States, Keraton has experienced high growth, culminating in 2019’s event that attracted over 12,000 people. ISAUW expects many visitors this year as well and will be showcasing the diversity of Indonesia through traditional food, dance, music, and art relating to Keraton 2022’s theme of Indonesian Retro Films. Beyond ISAUW’s purpose of entertaining and educating the community about Indonesia, we also wish to create a memorable sustainable impact through our event. This year, we have decided to take a greater step towards sustainability by collaborating with Solar Chapter, an Indonesian, UW-registered student organization based in many parts of the world that aims to spread awareness on the environmental issues happening in Indonesia to educate our community on their projects. Furthermore, we are planning to have a batik awareness and creation booth, traditional Indonesian games, a photography contest, and many more booths designed to enrich the visitors’ knowledge about Indonesia and Indonesian retro films. ISAUW also guarantees to put the different aspects of sustainability as one of our top priorities in preparation for this event. Our total estimated budget for Keraton as of today is around $43,000. With this, ISAUW would like to apply for CSF funding to make Keraton possible again this year. For more information on our student organization, refer to or follow us on Instagram @isauwhuskies.

Primary Contact:
Amy Dharmawan