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Executive Summary

We have designed three large signs for the UW Farm site at the Center for Urban Horticulture: one for the entrance that includes a detailed map and history of the farm, one that answers a commonly asked question, "where does UW Farm food go?" and one that describes the processes in the vermicomposting facility (another CSF-enabled project for the farm). Once they are printed, we will stamp braille into them, attach the lift-the-flap components, and attach the 3D interactive components (a model of a worm for the Vermicomposting sign and a model of a tomato for the Where Does UW Farm Food Go? sign). We will mount them on steel signposts before the ground gets too cold, and we'll keep track of their impact on the farm.

This project holds great significance for the community around the UW Farm. So many people, involved in UW or not, walk through the farm every day with no way of knowing what it is or how long it's been there. And if they do, they may not know what purpose it serves for the university and our community. These signs will educate the public not only about the farm itself, but about urban agriculture and food security in general.

Primary Contact:
Oliver Norred