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Project Status:
 Active: Planning phase

Executive Summary

An expansion of the Intellectual House's Native Garden, a pond on the UW Farm will house wapato and other aquatic crops.

This project aims to increase the UW Farm’s food production and increase the diversity of the Farm’s produce. The UW Farm’s mission is to provide sustainable, local food and an educational space to the University of Washington and the wider community. As a new growing space on the Farm, a pond will allow for a significant increase in the cultivation of wapato and other plants that are relevant to indigenous cultures. Unlike the Native Garden’s mounds and the UW Farm’s rows, the pond will also provide an entirely new type of growing space for the Farm. As climate change causes Seattle’s weather to be increasingly unpredictable, a diversity of crops and farming methods will help to ensure that the UW Farm is resilient in the face of future challenges.

Primary Contact:
Kove Janeski