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Executive Summary

In order to encourage bicycle commuting, Commuter Services intends to install DIY bicycle repair stands across campus with the goal of eliminating maintenance and uncertainty barriers to bicycling. These fix-it stations would allow students to perform minor bicycle maintenance and repairs quickly and conveniently while on campus. The predicted effect of this project would be an increase in cycling on campus due to the removal of barriers to bicycling.The long-term goals of this project are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with driving, minimize negative impacts of congestion around the University, and create safe transportation options for students at the University of Washington.

In order to maximize the benefits of this project, Commuter Services will work with an intern whose position will be dedicated to assisting in project development and reaching out to the campus community and raising awareness about this new piece of campus infrastructure. Some of the activities the intern will be involved in will include creating a Google-powered fix-it station map, advertising the new tool to the campus community in multiple mediums, and working with various student groups to ensure that the benefits of this product are widespread around the University community; including increased visibility of the ASUW Bike Shop, University of Washington Commuter Services, and other bicycle-related interests on campus.

Primary Contact:
David Amiton