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Executive Summary

The UW Farm is applying for $80,000 to support its expansion on ground near the Center for Urban Horticulture. This expansion will allow us to meet our goals of developing community (in UW and beyond), building connections (between people, land, and our future) and achieving a more sustainable food system. In its expansion, the farm will provide the campus with sustainably grown produce through programs such as a student-run cooperative kitchen, dining facilities run by Housing and Food Services (HFS), and donations to local food banks.

The expanded farm will serve as a tool in academic curricula spanning numerous disciplines from anthropology to biology to urban planning. And most importantly, the new farm will make a permanent, positive contribution to the University of Washington and to the city of Seattle.

With support from the CSF, we will expand our practice to an additional full acre of land on campus, adjacent to the Center for Urban Horticulture. Expanding the production capacity of the UW Farm will allow us to amplify our contribution to the UW‟s sustainability mission in several ways. First, it will enable us to solidify a relationship with Housing and Food Services (HFS). HFS is interested in purchasing farm produce to use in campus dining halls and small cafeterias. Second, the UW Student Food Cooperative will be operating in full capacity next year, running a cafe space in the South Campus Center and a food cart for Red Square. They plan to source a substantial amount of their produce from the UW Farm. A strong relationship with the Student Food Cooperative will help generate awareness on campus about the social, economic, and political issues surrounding food, from farm-to-table. Third, we will create a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, which will teach farmers tangible and realistic business skills associated with the production of food.

Primary Contact:
Nina Arlein