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Executive Summary

We are conducting a feasibility and design study for an app-based environmental challenge game that educates incoming student cohorts about sustainable practices on and around the UW campus. The challenge game concept is intended to orient new students to the sustainability resources in their new community, and create incentives and rewards - tangible and otherwise - for taking actions and adopting behaviors that conserve resources during their tenure at UW and beyond.

The three-part feasibility and design study will build on and incorporate existing sustainability efforts underway at UW, and engage with students in multiple ways to help determine game designs that will appeal to the most users. The study consists of 1) a scholarly literature review (spring/summer), 2) a "Game Jam" in the fall to engage students and staff across campus in creating game prototypes, and 3) a student survey on sustainability concerns and technology/gaming use (fall/winter). The feasibility and design study will result in a formal business plan developed around the top two game prototypes, with the intent of future implementation at UW. We are eagerly seeking student volunteers to assist with all project stages; if desired, we can work with students to develop resume-building experiences from their participation with this project. 

Primary Contact:
Lauren Kuehne