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Executive Summary

The Odegaard Library is one of the most utilized and occupied libraries on our campus. Thousands of students, faculty and guest use this facility on a 24-hour basis. The usage of water to flush the toilets of this facility is obviously unavoidable. This unavoidable act of water consumption is something we are looking to minimize. New technological advances are providing the world with water-efficient toilets capable of reducing water consumption while maintaining a level of cleanliness and sanitation. Our grant project aims to integrate dual-flush technology at the women’s bathrooms at Odegaard Undergraduate Library. Currently, the women’s toilet only has one flushing option at 1.6 gallons per flush. What we want to introduce is the same 1.6-gallon per flush for solid waste with the addition of a 1.1-gallon per flush for liquid waste. The Sloan EBV 550A Dual Flush Side Mount works as a sensor flushing system that will use a 1.1-gallon flush when the user has spent less than 90 seconds on the toilet and a 1.6-gallon flush for anything longer. With the implementation of these retrofit flushing mechanism, we hope to see a substantial reduction of water consumption, facilitating future water conservation projects throughout our campus.

Primary Contact:
Robert Chang