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Executive Summary

The purpose of this project is to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Improve the quality of surface water flowing from the UW campus
  2. Advance student engagement in stormwater design, implementation, and education
  3. Provide a demonstration for UW engineering and transportation services in addressing stormwater issues

In order to accomplish these objectives, HSS has divided them into two phases. Phase One comprises of “Feasibility Study” to be conducted in the Winter quarter of 2012.

Proposed Project (Phase One): 

HSS proposes a feasibility study to develop a stormwater design and identify the key bureaucratic paths for implementing a stormwater treatment bioswale. Through this process, HSS will develop several alternatives (three to four) for a bioswale, assessing each alternative’s feasibility in implementation, educational capacity, and cost. 
HSS has collaborated with UW staff in Transportation Services, Engineering Services, and Capital Projects Office in identifying sites that improve water quality, are visible to the UW student-body, and advance green infrastructure opportunities on the UW campus. Sites that fulfill this criteria have been identified 
in and around UW campus parking lots.

Proposed Project (Phase Two): 

Phase Two will fund the implementation and construction of designs outlined in Phase One. HSS plans to finalize the expected construction costs in Phase One, but we anticipate the cost of construction for an improved stormwater facility to be approximately $50,000- $60,000.

Primary Contact:
Patrick Green