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Executive Summary

Proposed Project (Phase Two): 

Phase Two funds the implementation and construction of designs outlined in Phase One. As of April 2nd, 2012 the design review process of this project is still underway. Specifically, the four alternative designs developed by HSS are being reviewed by a committee of stakeholders, including Kristine Kenney (UW Landscape Architect), Howard Nakase (UW Grounds Shop), Jim Morin (UW Engineering Services), Peter Dewey (UW Transportation Services). This team advises HSS on aesthetic, engineering, and construction feasibility and assists in obtaining approval of the design.

Because the design review is currently taking place, HSS cannot propose a total cost of the project. In
contrast, HSS proposes a cost limit that guides its design development process.

This project accomplishes the following goals: 

  1. Improve the quality of surface water flowing from the UW campus; 
  2. Advance student engagement in stormwater design, implementation, and education; 
  3. Provide a demonstration for UW engineering and transportation services in addressing stormwater issues. 

Husky Sustainable Storms (HSS) requested $9,220 in the first round of CSF funding for 2012 to implement a feasibility study for a bioswale that remediates stormwater from a UW parking lot. HSS developed four alternatives for a bioswale, assessing each alternative’s feasibility in implementation, educational capacity, and cost. Phase One is scheduled for completion in mid-April 2012.

Primary Contact:
Patrick Green