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 Active: Post-implementation phase

Executive Summary

Green Square: Where the Plants Are.

Through student-led innovation and design, the UW Tower Demonstration Garden team aspires to transform the Tower plaza by enhancing the appearance of the expansive red brick with an attractive oasis of green urban food production. The garden will demonstrate University of Washington's sustainability goals through an adaptive appropriation of urban space. With the traffic of visitors and staff at the UW Tower and in anticipation of the increased exposure from the adjacent link rail station, Green Square will represent the innovative mission of the University and the Campus Sustainability Fund to a broad audience.

Green Square will demonstrate the possibilities of urban food production and the co-benefits of greening underutilized urban spaces. The project will use design techniques to balance food production and aesthetics appropriate to the Tower environment while inspiring to the community to grow its own food. Similar in approach to parklets for streetscapes, Green Square will be a vibrant urban community space to relax in a refuge of planters, vertical green-screens, bench seating and gathering spaces. In addition to the ecological benefits that this project will produce (increased biodiversity, lowered urban heat island effect, improved water filtration, pollinator support, etc.), the garden will be an excellent model for the valuable role that intensive gardening can play in our community. The garden activities will not only offer educational volunteer opportunities for students and the local community, Green Square will also be a garden destination that can be organized to host attractive community events such as dinner gatherings, university ceremonies, garden parties, guest speakers, outdoor movies, and other innovative ideas.

Successful implementation of the Green Square Urban Garden Demonstration project will showcase the possibilities for environment-appropriate urban gardening, create an attractive community gathering space, highlight current garden design innovations, and exemplify the University of Washington’s dedication to sustainability.

Primary Contact:
Michael Lewis