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Executive Summary

Can't make it in to the bike shop? Now, the bike shop can make it to you. The Mobile Maintenance Trailer allows the student mechanics at the ASUW Bike Shop to traverse this majestic campus with all the tools necessary to provide safety-check and quick tune-up services for any UW cyclists they encounter, free of charge. Everything a rusty bicycle could ever want, including an assortment of professional shop tools and an array of greases, degreasers, and lubricants, will be kept conveniently in a Surly long-bed trailer. Affixed to a trusty mountain bike, the mobile maintenance trailer will be ready for quick deployment.

The director of the mobile maintenance program will be one of the ASUW bike shop's student mechanics, and will organize and lead the bike shop's efforts in offering these events. 

Primary Contact:
Kris Skotheim