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Executive Summary

Doctoral Canidate Julie Kriegh is local architect and a graduate from the University of Washington. She works towards environmental health and sustainability across the Northwest. Her specialty is in the design of sustainable buildings that fit LEED certifications (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.) She has organized a panel which included multiple other experts in their fields. The speakers come from a broad range of academia and origins.  Dr. Manzo is an associate professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington. Professor Loveland is a professor of Sustainability in Architecture and the Director of the Center for Integrated Design in the School of Architecture, College of Built Environments and the University of Washington.  Dr. Steg is a professor of Environmental Psychology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. This panel promotes personal sustainability through behavioral change.

The first event will be on May 26th; the panel will meet in Alder auditorium for a free public lecture. This lecture is targeted at UW students and the speakers will discuss “Hot to inspire pro-environmental actions.”  A second event will be held later that day for the faculty and students of the College of Built Environments.  The third event will be a panel discussion at the Environmental Design and Research Association conference in Los Angeles.

The CSF’s funding of this event will go towards the expenses of Dr. Steg’s travelling from the Netherlands. 

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Julie Kriegh