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Executive Summary

Floating wetlands are an emerging green technology that mimic naturally occurring wetlands by using floating frames as a base upon which to grow native wetland plants.  Across the globe, floating wetlands have been deployed with positive results in carbon sequestration; reduction of metals and pollutants; climate adaptation and water temperature mitigation; habitat renewal; and shoreline protection and beautification. 

The UW Floating Wetlands Project looks to adapt this technology to the Puget Sound ecosystem for use in the shorelines adjacent to the University of Washington in order to expand wetland vegetation, rebuild salmonid habitat, and mitigate pollutants.  Through engagement across a number of UW departments including Landscape Architecture, Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, Environmental Science and Forestry, and Engineering, as well as outreach to institutional, city, and county permitting agencies, this phase of the project will establish the feasibility of floating wetland implementation along the UW shoreline and create an actionable plan for future deployment.  

Primary Contact:
Kasia Keeley