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Executive Summary

The UW Center for Communication & Civic Engagement’s Rethinking Prosperity project organized the Next System Teach-In in partnership with the UW Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies. Rethinking Prosperity is an initiative that seeks to identify and communicate economic models that work for more people, within planetary boundaries. It emerged from a seminar of undergraduate seniors in Communication. The Teach-In took place on April 25th, 2016 at Kane Hall. Students, faculty, alumni and community partners were represented on the panels at the Next System Teach-In, which addressed the following critical questions among others: How can the economy be equitable and environmentally sustainable? What local solutions can become models in a global system? What would real democracy look like? The whole discussion was recorded graphically and will be shared with the campus community. The University of Washington Next System Teach-In is part of a nationwide call to action to increase collaboration among teachers, learners, and movements for systemic change.

The objectives of the Teach-In are to launch a campus conversation on how environmental goals can be achieved through an economic system with sustainability at its core and to build a learning community to create solutions and build support for an economic and political system that can restore compatibility with the environment. Through this event and the connections that follow, students and student groups, faculty, and community partners working on systems change for environmental outcomes will be able to more easily connect and build momentum and awareness.


Photo: Graphic Recording of the Teach-In Conversation

Primary Contact:
Caterina Rost