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Executive Summary

Ecological restoration efforts have been ongoing in Kincaid Ravine since the winter quarter of 2014.  The roughly 4 acre ravine located in the NE corner of campus was overgrown with invasive species, severely lacking in biodiversity and littered with trash when Martha Moritz (MEH ’14) began to plan restoration work to transform the ravine into an asset for the University and its surrounding community.  Over the two years since work began, myriad partnerships have developed around Kincaid Ravine that have led to high quality restoration work and continued plans to restore a healthy urban forest and enhance the campus connection with Kincaid Ravine for years to come. 

The student project management is now on its third master’s student and stakeholders include the Campus Sustainability Fund, Society for Ecological Restoration – UW Chapter, Office of the University Architect, UW Grounds, UW Restoration Ecology Network, EarthCorps and Stewardship Partners.  The wide array of project partners, and the time, money and energy already committed to restoration of Kincaid Ravine clearly demonstrates that this is a project destined to revitalize a neglected open space on campus while providing opportunities for student involvement.  There is much work still to be accomplished, but Kincaid Ravine is well on its way to becoming a healthy urban forest that not only provides ecological functions, but also opportunities for education, research and respite to those in and around the UW community.  

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Dan Hintz