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Executive Summary

72 hours. 50 people. 12 schools. One World Changed!

Students from the Confronting Climate Change RSO are doing the exciting work of planning a student divestment convergence this spring 2016. Students from colleges across the northwest region will be coming together to strengthen the current fossil fuel divestment movement of the region.

The convergence is an important opportunity to build relationships and a strong community among a diverse set of people, who are just as passionate about the movement. Since most attendees are working with a similar purpose and advancing similar campaigns, they will share experiences and wisdom among peers to learn about and grow the climate justice movement. Trainers from organizations like Divestment Student Network, Race and Climate Justice Initiative, Rising Tide, Sightline Institute, and more will provide students with real insight on how they can make an impact in their community. Everyone will leave the convergence feeling empowered and able to make that impact. 

Primary Contact:
Ariana Winkler