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Project Status:
 Active: Post-implementation phase

Executive Summary

Our project will pair-up UW food waste with local non-profit agencies in need through the design of a website that would facilitate the logistics and transportation of food waste from UW Food Services without having so many food products go to compost. Over the course of two quarters, Irini Spyridakis and Madison Holbrook will lead a team of 15 undergraduate and masters students. The team will research, design, build, and implement a responsive website for UW HFS Dining facilities to connect with local non-profit organizations. 

The main education and outreach goal is to raise awareness and educate the UW community about food waste and recovery. This project will bolster the sustainable achievements of the UW and serve as a model that could be implemented outside the community. We hope to empower our team of students to see themselves as experienced food recovery ambassadors who will further sustainable practices in future education, jobs, and communities, exemplifying the motto, “each one, teach one.”



Primary Contact:
Irini Spyridakis