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Executive Summary

The University of Washington prides itself in being a world leader in sustainability and has a mission aimed towards excelling students to become leaders in the community, state and the nation. At Washington Rowing, our goals stem from the university; we pride ourselves in the pursuit of excellence, starting with our athletics and extending it to our academics and professional lives. As one of the university's oldest sports and one of the oldest intercollegiate sports in the country, Washington Rowing strives to continue our long-standing tradition of excellence by becoming leaders rather than reactionaries in every aspect of our lives. The next step in our pursuit of excellence is to reduce our environmental impact and extend the notion of creating a more sustainable sport to the rowing community across the country. Furthermore, to educate the Seattle community about Pure Watercraft and its benefit to all users of our city’s waterways. Washington Rowing is requesting a grant from UW CFS to take the first step towards a more sustainable sport and community. With a CFS grant Washington Rowing can purchase a Pure Watercraft outboard motor and outfit a coaching launch with all electric power. Pure Watercraft is a Seattle based start-up company eager to reduce the impact of small gasoline-burning watercraft on the environment and rowing is a perfect example. Washington Rowing’s fleet burns thousands of gallons of gasoline a year and is docked regularly for charging throughout the day. The new outboard would prevent the burning of thousands of gallons of gasoline and the release of thousands of pounds of CO2 over its lifetime. More importantly, it would demonstrate our program’s and our school’s commitment to a more sustainable future and the support of a local company. To adhere to and advance our mission, our goal is to be community leaders in developing environmental sustainability for the sport of rowing. With UW CFS we can achieve that goal and educate the rowing community around the country about the benefits of electric outboards.

Primary Contact:
Weston Brown