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Executive Summary

Above all else the NWCLC is a tool for students to learn and implement the academic resources afforded to them here at the University of Washington to help better the environment around them. With 30 years’ experience, we are looking to take the next step forward to develop a multi-discipline studio (open to all majors) that will look to implement strategies for sustainability within the communities students live, work, and go to school. This studio would be interdisciplinary with the hope to involve students from all the disciplines of the College of Built Environments namely urban planning, architecture, community environment and planning, landscape architecture, construction management and real estate but, as well as other colleges and their departments. This could be students from global/ public health, communications, business, engineering, economics, sociology and the list goes on. This studio would continue the goals of NWCLC while allowing a new focus at the University of Washington campus.  This studio development will create long term and sustainable infrastructure that will bring the design and management resources at the College of Built Environments with, the long term planning of the Campus Sustainability Fund(CSF). In conjunction we will be forming a speaker series that focuses on subjects of sustainability, design, building that will be public events, outside of the studio. With this series we will not only educate the large student body and the public, but hope to attract more students to the studio. Below is our mission statement, we feel it aligns well with that of the CSF.

“The goal of the NWCLC is to partner with NGOs, Government Agencies, Non Profits, and Community Members to provide community driven, urban planning work within the scope of sustainability, cultural equity, and economic vitality. This is done through expert led and student driven work, which is facilitated though the foundations home at The University of Washington. Putting community and sustainability above all. The NWCLC seeks to build relationships within our community, from Seattle, to our more global community. With project types ranging from Feasibility Analysis, to detailed Urban Development Plans, the NWCLC's portfolio is wide ranging and ever growing.

With over 30 years active and approximately 300+ hours of professional experience, the NWCLC has made a name for itself in The Pacific Northwest as one of the leading Non-Profit Urban Planning entities at not only the University of Washington Seattle Campus, but throughout the Region.”

Primary Contact:
Edward D. Blum