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Executive Summary

A Feast for the Senses is a community pop-up café focusing on consumption and the power of consumer choice, specifically through the lens of food systems, both industrial and regenerative.

Food is more than just something to be full of--each meal brings its own story to the table, and has lasting effects. This project seeks to cultivate awareness, increase transparency on consumer choice, and dispel notions of competition. Simultaneously, this project hopes to engage communities to find common grounds and imagine cooperative, collaborative solutions to complex social and environmental problems in the interest of peace and holistic healing.

In addition to a honey tasting and sensory-engaging games, light snacks and tea will be provided for free, until supplies run out.

This is an event curated by Kat Kavanagh for her Community, Environment, and Planning senior capstone project, harmonizing combined knowledge pools of business & marketing, urban planning & food systems, and indigenous ways of knowing & wisdom. She believes that if the local is global, that if the problem is the solution, then we can collectively eat our way to happier and healthier bodies, communities & planetary systems. All is one!

Primary Contact:
Kathryn Kavanagh