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Executive Summary

The UW Night Market is one of the biggest annual on-campus event, held by the Taiwanese Student Association (TSA). This year, UWNM brings up to 30 vendors to Red Square to promote Taiwanese culture. There are variety of exotic foods as well as running games and activities for the audience to participate in. On average, we have about 7000+ people attending UWNM and its popularity grows each year. In previous years, the size of the event has caused problems in waste management. UW has strict rules regarding waste disposal and sorting waste into its correct receptacle. At such a large and exciting event many people may disregard signs on waste containers and throw everything in the same can despite whether it is garbage, recycling, or compost. This year the TSA hopes to eliminate this problem by better educating the public and reaching out to CSF for more awareness. To reach these goals, TSA made several videos about sustaining resources by bringing our own cups, straws, and reusable cutleries. In addition to these approaches to the public, TSA also stations volunteers at each waste station to ensure that everyone enjoying the festivities were correctly disposing of their waste into the respective container. By taking these steps to better manage their waste the TSA has shown its dedication to make UW a more sustainable community.

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Tiffany Lin