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Executive Summary

The University of Washington has been creating more and more snags out of fallen trees in the past year. Adding snags (standing dead trees) to the landscape adds a substantial amount of ecological benefits. Snags (dead wood) provides new life to habitat. They provide food for many wood boring insects and mammals such as ants, beetles, and woodpeckers. The cavities within this dead wood make great nesting habitat and living quarters for woodpeckers, red squirrels and many other species of birds, bats and insects. When a tree dies it has only partially fulfilled its potential ecological function. However, snags can be unsightly to people who do not understand their benefits. We would like to continue this trend of adding snags to the landscape and to change people’s perception about them by adding signage to increase their knowledge of its benefit for society. The signage will all be made out of salvage wood from the salvage wood program.

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Michael Bradshaw