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Executive Summary

KhSA UW has joined the Sadhu for Green movement that emerged from the Khmer community in Seattle as a desire to engage in awareness and action for environmental wellness. Our current focus is on sustainability and waste-consumption, where we are aiming to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfills by providing alternative compostable options besides plastic items and raising awareness about how to live more sustainably by reducing use of non-biodegradable products. For the initial implementation of this project at our annual Khmer New Year Show--our largest event of the year that hosts over 500 guests--we planned to switch out plastic for polyester tablecloths, replace all plastic utensils with compostable ones, have recyclable paper decorations and props, and encourage reuse of materials (i.e. bringing in reusable water bottles), with a goal of developing personal accountability with small steps and starting a legacy of sustainability that will continue in future years. Recognizing Khmer culture has roots in environmental stewardship and reverence of nature, we hope to approach environmental sustainability with cultural pride and a justice-oriented lens in order to cultivate healthier, happier living while allowing us to reconnect to our roots.

Primary Contact:
Andrew Chhor