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 Active: Planning phase

Executive Summary

The UW Center for Child and Family Well-Being (CCFW) has invited David Treleaven to facilitate a one-day workshop on trauma-informed mindfulness practices. David is a writer and educator working at the intersection of mindfulness and trauma who has worked with universities including University of California Los Angeles, Brown University, University of Massachusetts, and University of California San Diego. Through workshops, keynotes, podcasts, and online education, David focuses on offering mindfulness providers with the knowledge and tools they require to meet the needs of those struggling with trauma. His work comes from research based on making mindfulness safe and effective for people who haveexperienced trauma, as well as his own lived experience. This training is timely to the University of Washington as the university has seen an increase in student demand for mental health service provision and access to care. From Fall 2017 and Fall 2018, the Counseling Center saw a 70% increase in the number of students seeking a crisis counselor.

Primary Contact:
Megan Kennedy