UW-Solar (Phase 2)

Executive Summary:

UW-Solar is a student led organization developing a solar installation with an accompanying industrial control system; planned to be installed on a Housing and Food Service residence hall on the University of Washington Seattle campus. UW-Solar will be providing effective outreach to students about the benefits of smart solar systems. There were five potential sites for the installation and we have currently narrowed down the selection to Lander, Mercer Building A, and Poplar buildings.

We are asking for $85,000 dollars for the pilot project. This is in addition to the money we have received from CSF for the feasibility study.

Currently there are 13 students participating. They represent five Schools, five Departments, two campuses within the University of Washington system and they range from undergraduate to Ph.D. level students. 

Student Involvement:

Education & Outreach:

Environmental Impact:
  • Energy Use
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Environmental Problem:

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Total amount requested from the CSF: $85,000
This funding request is a: Grant
If this is a loan, what is the estimated payback period?:


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Non-CSF Sources:

Project Completion Total: $89,500


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