Engaging Students in Discussion and Action around the Food, Land Use, and the Farm Bill

Executive Summary:

We will host nationally renowned author and farmer Dan Imhoff speak about the 2012 Farm Bill. There will be links to action Campus Affiliation: Graduate Student

Student Involvement:

The group organizing to host this event consists of undergraduate and grad students from the College of the Built Environments, in cooperation with the NW Farm Action Bill group (a community group. These students will have leadership opportunities in outreach and organizing. Students that attend any of the event opportunities will have the chance to gain experience on the issue and also in organizing and action.

Education & Outreach:

The main speaking event will be held March 1st, 7pm-9pm, in Arch Hall 147. We will do outreach including hanging posters in buildings around campus, posting in the Daily, emailing UW departments, professors, RSO's and list-serves, and communicating with the broader community. We will invite the Daily to do a story about the event to publish afterward. We want to link the Farm Bill action towards direct action on campus.

Environmental Impact:
  • Food
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Environmental Problem:

The environmental problem we want to solve is lack of student awareness and involvement in the Farm Bill and in overall issues of land use and food. By engaging students in action around the Farm Bill, they will also be more knowledgeable and capable of action about food on the UW campus.

ABOUT THE FARM BILL: The Farm Bill is perhaps the single most significant land use legislation enacted in the United States, yet many citizens remain unaware of its power and scope. With subsidies ballooning toward $25 billion dollars per year, the Farm Bill largely dictates who grows what crops, on what acreage, and under what conditions--all with major impacts on the country's rural economies, health and nutrition, national security, and biodiversity. As debate and wrangling over the 2012 Farm Bill intensifies, Dan Imhoff will offer a highly informative and engaging overview of the legislation that literally shapes our food system, our bodies, and our future.

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Total amount requested from the CSF: $500
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We would like $500 to help cover some of the speaker fees, travel costs, and outreach costs. The NW Farm Bill Action Group (a Seattle-area community group) is also contributing some funds to the effort. I will be hosting Dan in my house to save on hotel and restaurant costs.Cost per ItemQuantityTotal Cost

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We also are seeking additional funds from UW departments.
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