After Hours @ The Burke

Executive Summary:

The "After Hours @ the Burke" event will be held at the Burke Museum. The proposed cost is $2,335. The event seeks to reduce plastic waste on campus by providing fun and informational activities that demonstrate what plastics are, the impacts of plastic pollution, and how the campus community can make a difference as responsible consumers and recyclers. The Burke Student Advisory Group is partnering with SEED. 

Student Involvement:

The event will provide numberous volunteer oppotunities for members of SEED,  the Burke Student Advisory Board, and other groups. There will be 2 or 3 students working each of the event activity tables, and presenting the campus information related to sustainability.

We estimate a total of 18-20 volunteers.

Education & Outreach:

This event will be promoted to the campus through flyers and signage, as well as via digital means, such as the Burke and SEED social media outlets. Working with Emily Newcomer (an advisor for the Plastics exhibit and associated programs), the "Ater Hours" event will highlight existing campus recycling resources as well as demontrate concrete changes that students can make to reduce their impact to the environment. Educationally, the program seeks to provide enough knowlegde for the participants to be able to have a different understanding of how plastic impacts their lives. 

Environmental Impact:
  • Waste
  • Environmental Justice
Project Longevity:

Environmental Problem:

Plastics have quickly become ubiqioutous in modern life, but we know that they have an environmental imact that expands far beyond the useful lifetimes of both plastic products and their users. They also have been proven to leach harmful chemicals into the enviroment as they break down over time. The "After Hours" event will expose these hidden problems to students, making them aware of some of the consequences of using plastic, while providing information on campus recycling efforts and plastics alternatives that they can adopt in their own lives. 

Explain how the impacts will be measured:

SEED and the Burke Advisory group will work together to create an exit survey for the event that addresses changes in attitudes, understanding, and recycling behavior. Additional measures will include participation numbers, informal learning assessments by presenters and staff, visitor comment sheets, increased participation in SEED and other presenting groups.

Total amount requested from the CSF: $2,335
This funding request is a: Grant
If this is a loan, what is the estimated payback period?:


ItemCostDetailsTotal Cost
Facilities Staff$200 Facilities staff $200 2 gallery guards @ 4 hours ea. ($11/hr + benefits) and 2 facility staff @ 3.25 hours ea. ($13/hr + bens)
Supplies$200 Average cost of craft and activity supplies for After Hours event
Posters$75 Printing & design
Ads in UW Daily$880 Two advertisements @ $440 ea
Presenter honoraria$400 Average cost for outside speakers/performers TBD
Refreshments$400 Average cost includes $100 for volunteers; $300 for guests
Photographer$200 To document event & post to Burke social media
TOTAL$2,335 Budget will be adjusted to reflect actual amount raised.

Non-CSF Sources:

Source/DescriptionAmount RequestedDate RequestedDate Received
Burke Museum$1,500 10/1/201210/1/2012
(value of waived rental fee, in-kind donation)
Project Completion Total: $3,835


TaskTimeframeEstimated Completion Date
Student planning meetingsWinter quarter
Event presentationSpring quarter2335

Project Approval Forms: