Keraton 2019

Executive Summary:

Keraton is one of the largest Indonesian cultural events in the West Coast, and the second largest in the United States. This year's theme is Indonesian Festival, which will walk visitors through a recollection of indonesian childhood memories by showcasing attire, foods, activities and movies through the use of imaginative decorations and design. Keraton has grown much since its inception in 2011, before it has a total of 70 attendees and this year, we are estimating an attendance of 8000 multinational visistors from all over the country. Keraton will be held at Rainier Vista, at the University of Washington and has a proposed budget totalling to $35,960.  During this event, we will also be implementing “Keraton Going Green,” which means requiring all our vendors to use compostable food packaging, as well as informing visitors of the locations of recycling and compost bins within the event location to promote environmental awareness. 

Student Involvement:

With the event being fully organized and managed by students, ISAUW develops students’ leadership and organizational skills by trusting each department with tasks that are critical to the event’s success. Specifically, the finance, design, creative management, IT, inventory, event organisers deparments work together and update each other to make this event a success, checking on each other's progress for example. In addition, we accept volunteers and further create opportunities for students all-over the campus. Overall, students will be able to utilize and develop their communication skills by engaging with guests, learning about Indonesian culture, environmental issues, and gain meaningful connections.

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Environmental Problem:

we made it our mission to require all vendors to use compostable food packaging. In addition, we informed all of our visitors of the locations of recycling and compost bins within the event location. This year, aside from implementing our previous methods, we plan to promote environmental awareness through a performance during the event. Our creative management department has been working towards this and we have also sent out an application for performers who would be interested in educating guests on environmental issues. We are optimistic that these performances, guests will be better informed on the current situation of our environment while also being entertained.

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