Rainwater Catchment: Educational System on the UW Farm

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $465

Letter of Intent:

We are looking to implement a rainwater harvesting system on the UW Farm for farm use and campus wide education. This system would be located beside the Burke-Gilman on the UW Farm and will be installed on a renovated sign roof. We estimate this project to cost $465.00, and is estimated to save approximately 250 gallons of water per year. This project is designed to educate people on rainwater harvesting as well as inspire them to imagine future capabilities.Our small system has the ability to save around 250 gallons of water per year. This information is based off of a 15sq. ft. roof and 36 inches of annual rainfall; our formula accounted for the fact that only approximately 70% of the water would be harvested.


Primary Contact First & Last Name: Erica Isomura