Husky Sustainable Storms: Bioswale (Phase 3)

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $4,500

Letter of Intent:

Husky Sustainable Storms ( is asking for $4,500.00 for our contingency budget for the construction of a bioswale on the Seattle Campus of the University of Washington.  The CSF has already contributed $84,220 to the project that will be used for construction and material acquisitions.  Campus stakeholders requested that the  contingency budget be at least 20% of construction costs. Currently, we are approximately $3,000 short in our contingency budget.

Money not spent during construction will first be allocated to signage and education after construction is finished in the Spring. We will be coordinating with CSF on a grand opening and signage details. Any money left over will be given back to the CSF.

We are also seeking plant donations and other grants to help with the extra costs for the finalization of the project.

Project Overview

Husky Sustainable Storms (HSS), an initiative launched by students, faculty, and staff of the University of Washington to mitigate stormwater runoff on-campus by designing and building a stormwater treatment structure that mimics ecological processes and reflects environmental values. Our goals are to:

  1. Improve the quality of surface water flowing from the UW campus;
  2. Advance student engagement in stormwater design, implementation, and education;
  3. Provide a demonstration for UW engineering and transportation services in addressing stormwater issues.

The project has been launched in two phases: (1) a ‘Feasibility Study” and (2) construction of the bioswale.

HSS has successfully:

  • Conducted the Feasibility Study;
  • Procured a project site – North of the Law Building and South of the Burke Museum;
  • Hosted a seminar series about the project;
  • Developed 85% construction documentation; and,
  • Procured approval from the University of Washington for construction in April 2013.

Student Involvement

The student team has fluctuated over the past year and a half during the main design phase of the project. Two student members have graduated and the final three members are finalizing construction documents with oversight from Huitt-Zollars, an outside engineering firm.

Stefanie Young – Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Planning and Design in the College of Built Environments with more than eight years of experience in sustainable design.

Erica Bush – Masters of Landscape Architecture and Master of Urban Planning Candidate in the College of Built Environments

Sunni Wissmer – Bachelors of Arts in Community, Environment, and Planning Candidate in the College of Built Environments

Recent Graduates:

Patrick Green – Graduated with a Masters of Urban Planning and Design and Masters of Public Affairs through the College of Built Environments and the Evans School.

Matthew McNair – Graduated with a Masters of Civil Engineering through the College of Engineering.


Jan Whittington, MCRP, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Urban Design and Planning
Associate Director, Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity.

Peter Dewey

Primary Contact First & Last Name: Stefanie Young