ReThink- Student Resilience Challenge

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $1,726

Letter of Intent:

Our project is an event modeled after the recent PNW Resilience Challenge, hosted at UW on October 2nd. A link to that website can be found at: The PNW Resilience Challenge defines resilience as "…the ability not only to bounce back, but also to ‘bounce forward’ – to recover and at the same time to enhance the capacities of the community or organization to better withstand future stresses." ReThink was the featured, and only, RSO at the event. One of the co-founders, Kelci Zile, also acted as a co-coordinator of this event, which is part of a series of Resilience Challenges that take place across the United States. At each challenge, one of the goals is to have an attendance that represents all sectors of the of the world economy. Some examples include NASA engineers, water safety scientists, professors, financial advisors, business consultants, climate change action committees, political figures, food experts, and more. This allows many voices and opinions to be represented at the events.

A Resilience Challenge has four parts. First, the introduction includes breaking news, inspirational topics, and innovation in sustainability. Second, a panel of experts in specific fields of sustainability gives a presentation and holds a question and answer session. The third stage is called a planning session. This gives time for all in attendance to discuss major environmental issues, where and why they originate, and all possible solutions. Afterwards, teams select the best solution and create steps for implementation. Finally, the last stage involves the creation of a plan of action, including one, three, five, and ten-year goals, with action items and an execution plan. Ultimately, the Resilience Challenge aims to create a daylong event in which nothing is discussed but sustainability. The challenge provides inspiration, collaboration, and innovation through an incredible learning experience, and turns today’s issues into problems that require and possess solutions. It creates a place wherein alliances can be made, plans of action can be formed, and the most effective solutions can be born.

ReThink would like to host a version of this event for University of Washington Students that focuses on Seattle and UW-specific sustainability issues and solutions, while also educating the audience on national and global issues. Our goal is to transform students from bystanders into doers. It will empower our student population, enabling them to make changes, set trends, and help improve the world. Moreover, the event will provide UW students with a networking opportunity, as they will be working closely with each other and industry professionals that make up speaking panels and directors.

The execution of the University of Washington Resilience Challenge will be accountable as well as professional. Ms. Zile has established a close connection with Terri Butler, who works for Sustainable Seattle and acted as a lead planner for the PNW Challenge. Ms. Butler will be able to work out event logistics and detains before making any expenditures or signing contracts. We intend to use the HUB for the event, and aim to include as many environmentally focused RSO’s as possible. The ReThink team has had experience planning a multitude of events, and will be invigorated, not fazed, by one of this magnitude. We at ReThink are very thankful for your consideration, as well as the opportunity, and we deeply appreciate the objectives and values upheld of the CSF.

Our approximate cost breakdown is as follows:

Hub- Free

Speaker compensation- $500

Food- $1000

Beverages- $300

Advertising Material- $500

Takeaway material -$300

Shirts- $300

Reusable water bottles- $500

Primary Contact First & Last Name: Will Fantle