Earth Day 2015 Celebration

Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $1,000

Letter of Intent:

·       Project title: Earth Day 2015 Celebration

·       Summary of his/her project proposal

·       Earth Club is requesting $1000 from the CSF Small Projects Fund for the Earth Day 2015 Celebration. The purpose of Earth Day Celebration is to come together and celebrate 45th Earth Day here on the University of Washington Seattle campus. It will create opportunity for interdisciplinary attendance including undergraduate, graduate and professional environmental active UW students to meet and network with local sustainability focused businesses and vendors, present their original work and come together to connect with campus environmental and sustainability groups, therefore contributing to a more sustainable campus. On April 22nd 2015, on Red Square there will be exhibitors fair for various environmental groups, as well as environmental keynote speeches from Dean of College of Environment and music performances. Another notable feature of the celebration is that all the stage performances will be solar-powered, thus reinforcing the sustainable idea of the celebration.

·       Brief explanation of how the project will meet the requirements and preferences of the CSF:
1. Environmental Impact

  • On the Earth Day, the exhibitors fair and stage performances plan to attract more than 10,000 students and community members on campus who will find the opportunity to explore the environmental stewardship on campus and learn what they could do to contribute to reduce the school’s environmental impact. Among the groups who will come to present their ideas, there are various focuses of them including reducing carbon emissions, effective usage of solar power, reducing pollutants and so on. Visitors will be able to help with signature gathering for certain groups as well as participating in creating a sustainable campus on a daily life basis.

·       2. Student Leadership & Involvement

  • Earth Day 2015 Celebration is primarily organized by student-oriented Earth Day planning committee and facilitated by UW Sustainability staffs. Coordinated by Lysia Li, an Earth Club officer, the planning committee consists of around 8 student leaders from various environmental groups on campus, including Earth Club, SEED, CSF and EcoReps. The leadership of the planning committee and generous help from UW Sustainability contribute and determine the occurrence of Earth Day 2015 celebration, which also addresses the leadership preference of CSF.

·       3. Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change

  • Since the celebration plans to attract more than 10,000 visitors, the exhibitors’ fair allows itself to be an environmental educational outreach for the campus community. Visitors that are mainly composed of students will be able to connect with various campus sustainability groups and thus increasing their awareness of the environment.

·       4. Feasibility, Accountability, & Sustainability:

  • The UW Sustainability staff members who have experiences of Earth Day celebrations planning facilitate the planning process. They helped the committee to connect with College of Environment, UW Recycling, HFS and other departments in school. They also offer help with acquiring permits and logistics process. At the same time, since the committee is consisted of student leaders from various environmental groups, they are already equipped with outstanding leadership and project management skills that can contribute to the successful completion of the celebration. We have already obtained approval for using Red Square for April 22nd, permit for outside sustainable vendors giving out food on campus and so on. Our committee along with UW Sustainability is equipped with skills that enable us to plan the celebration successfully.

·       An estimate of the project’s budget

  • Our total Earth Day budget is $4504 and the $1000 from CSF will go towards the rental charge of tents, tables and stages as showed below.
2015 Overall Expenses  
Event Costs Amount
Sustain Cups $767
Solar Rover $191.93
PA System  
Tents & Tables Rental from AA Party Rental Co. (where CSF money would go into) $3,265.29
Marketing/printing $250
Decorations $30
Total $4,504
Sponsors Amount
ASUW Special Appropriations $1000
College of Environment $1000
Campus Sustainability Fund (Unconfirmed) $1000


·      Timeline

  • Exhibitors Fair: 10 am-3 pm
  • Stage performance

§  11:30 AM: Music

§  12:00 PM: Earth Day Celebration Welcome

Opening Remarks 5-10 mins, Lisa from College of   Environment                               

                                          Keynote Speakers’ Speech

§  12:30 PM: Music Performance

                                          Environmental verses,

§  1:00 PM: (saved for Husky Green Awards, could alter)

§  1:15 PM:  More Music

·       Primary and secondary contact information

  • Lysia Li, UW Earth Club, Earth Day Coordinator: (323) 916-3046,
  • Aubrey Batchelor, UW Sustainability: (206) 370-1463 cell, (206) 616-9471 office,



Primary Contact First & Last Name: Lysia Li