Estimated Amount to be requested from the CSF: $1,000

Letter of Intent:

Dear CSF Committee,

I am submitting this letter of intent to notify the CSF of the Indonesian Student Association at the University of Washington (ISAUW)’s intent to submit a funding request for our annual campus event, Keraton, which will take place on May 5th, 2018, at the Rainier Vista- University of Washington.

Keraton is one of the largest Indonesian cultural events in the West Coast. Over the past few years, Keraton has been ISAUW’s biggest and fastest growing annual event that attracted over 9,000 people in 2017 and are currently expecting 10,000 visitors.

Last year, we managed to minimize the environmental impact of our event by implementing “Keraton going green”. This was done by requesting our vendors to use all compostable materials for food packaging and informing all of our visitors of the locations of recycling and compost bins within the event location. As for this year, aside from implementing our previous methods, we plan to also promote environmental awareness by incorporating it in a performance during Keraton. While our creative management department has also been working on this new idea, we have also put out an application for groups who would like to volunteer to perform with the focus of educating guests on environmental issues. We hope that through these performances, guests will gain more insight on the current situation of our environment while also being entertained.

With the event being fully organized and managed by students, ISAUW also helps to develop the students’ leadership and organizational skills by trusting each department with tasks to make the event successful. In addition, we also create opportunities for students all-over the campus to get involved with our event by accepting volunteers- by volunteering with ISAUW, students will be able to utilize and develop their communication skills by engaging with guests, while also learning more about Indonesian culture, environmental issues, and gaining meaningful connections.

Based on the financial figures from our previous Keraton events, ISAUW has currently set its budget at $29,000, which has been partially covered by our fundraising events throughout the year. We have also been seeking for support from various companies and businesses by offering sponsorship packages, and applying for other campus funds, such as the diversity fund, ASUW, and other related resources.

I will be our main point of contact for the purposes of the application process and can be reached at:

  • E-mail address:
  • Phone number: 206-861-5606

Thankyou for the opportunity to participate in the campus sustainability funding.


Janice Leevin
Finance officer at ISAUW






Primary Contact First & Last Name: janice leevin